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CC3Identifiable(PVRPOD) Category Reference

#import <CC3IdentifiablePODExtensions.h>

Instance Methods

(id) - initAtIndex:fromPODResource:


GLint podIndex

Detailed Description

Extensions to CC3Identifiable to support PVR POD data.

Method Documentation

- (id) initAtIndex: (GLint)  aPODIndex
fromPODResource: (CC3PODResource *)  aPODRez 

Initializes this instance from the data of this type at the specified index within the specified POD resource.

Extends class CC3Identifiable.

Property Documentation

- (GLint) podIndex

The index of this object in the POD resource data.

This generally means the podIndex'th type of object of the class.

Extends class CC3Identifiable.

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