CC3OpenGLUtility.h File Reference
#import "CC3Environment.h"
#import <stdio.h>


GLenum CC3GLColorFormatFromBitPlanes (GLint colorCount, GLint alphaCount)
GLenum CC3GLDepthFormatFromBitPlanes (GLint depthCount, GLint stencilCount)
size_t CC3GLElementTypeSize (GLenum dataType)
char * CC3GLEnumName (GLenum gle)

Function Documentation

GLenum CC3GLColorFormatFromBitPlanes ( GLint  colorCount,
GLint  alphaCount 

Returns the GL color format enum corresponding to the specified number of color and alpha bit planes.

GLenum CC3GLDepthFormatFromBitPlanes ( GLint  depthCount,
GLint  stencilCount 

Returns the GL depth format enum corresponding to the specified number of depth and stencil bit planes.

size_t CC3GLElementTypeSize ( GLenum  dataType)

Returns the size of the specified GL dataType, which must be one of: GL_BYTE, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, GL_SHORT, GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT, GL_FLOAT, GL_FIXED.

char* CC3GLEnumName ( GLenum  gle)

Returns a string containing the name of the specified GL enumeration code.