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CC3Node(CC3MeshNode) Category Reference

#import <CC3MeshNode.h>

Instance Methods

(CC3MeshNode *) - getMeshNodeNamed:


BOOL isMeshNode

Detailed Description

CC3Node category extension to support CC3MeshNodes.

Method Documentation

- (CC3MeshNode*) getMeshNodeNamed: (NSString *)  aName

Convenience method that retrieves the first node found with the specified name, anywhere in the structural hierarchy of descendants of this node (not just direct children), and returns the node cast as a CC3MeshNode.

The hierarchy search is depth-first.

This implementation simply invokes the getNodeNamed:, and casts the node returned as a CC3MeshNode. An assertion is raised if the node is not a CC3MeshNode.

Extends class CC3Node.

Property Documentation

- (BOOL) isMeshNode

Indicates whether this node has 3D mesh data to be drawn.

Default value is NO. Subclasses that do draw 3D meshes will override to return YES.

Extends class CC3Node.

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