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NSRunLoop(CC3) Category Reference

#import <CC3OSExtensions.h>

Instance Methods

(void) - runBlockOnNextIteration:

Detailed Description

Extension category to support Cocos3D functionality.

Method Documentation

- (void) runBlockOnNextIteration: (void)  block

Dispatches the specified block to be run on the next iteration of this run loop.

The block will be run only once, within one of the default run loop modes, during the next iteration of the run loop.

This is useful for running a block that is used for cleaning-up, and you want to ensure that all autoreleased objects have been deallocated before running the block.

This method returns immediately once the specified block is queued for execution on this run loop. This method does not wait for the execution of the block to complete.

This method copies the block and releases the copy it once it has been executed.

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