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CC3NodeEvaluator Class Reference

#import <CC3NodeSequencer.h>

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Instance Methods

(BOOL) - evaluate:
(void) - populateFrom:

Class Methods

(id) + evaluator

Detailed Description

A CC3NodeEvaluator performs some type of accept/reject evaluation on a CC3Node instance.

The type of evaluation performed is determined by the subclass of CC3NodeEvaluator. A wide range of subclasses may be constructed to perform a variety of evaluations.

The central evaluation method evaluate: returns YES or NO, indicating whether the evaluator accepts or rejects the node.

Method Documentation

- (BOOL) evaluate: (CC3Node *)  aNode

Performs the evaluation defined by this class on the specified node and returns YES if the node is accepted, or NO if it is rejected.

This default implementation always returns NO. Subclasses will override.

+ (id) evaluator

Allocates and initializes an autoreleased instance.

- (void) populateFrom: (CC3NodeEvaluator *)  another

Template method that populates this instance from the specified other instance.

This method is invoked automatically during object copying via the copy or copyWithZone: method. In most situations, the application should use the copy method, and should never need to invoke this method directly.

Subclasses that add additional instance state (instance variables) should extend copying by overriding this method to copy that additional state. Superclass that override this method should be sure to invoke the superclass implementation to ensure that superclass state is copied as well.

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