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CC3PVRTexture Class Reference

#import <CC3PVRTexture.h>

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BOOL shouldFlipHorizontallyOnLoad
BOOL shouldFlipVerticallyOnLoad
- Properties inherited from CC3Texture
CCTexture *ccTexture2D __deprecated
CCTexture * ccTexture
CGSize coverage
BOOL hasAlpha
BOOL hasMipmap
BOOL hasPremultipliedAlpha
GLenum horizontalWrappingFunction
GLenum initialAttachmentFace
BOOL isBumpMap
BOOL isPOTHeight
BOOL isTexture2D
BOOL isTextureCube
BOOL isUpsideDown
CC3Vector lightDirection
GLenum magnifyingFunction
GLenum minifyingFunction
GLenum pixelFormat
GLenum pixelType
GLenum samplerSemantic
BOOL shouldFlipHorizontallyOnLoad
BOOL shouldFlipVerticallyOnLoad
CC3IntSize size
GLuint textureID
ccTexParams textureParameters
GLenum textureTarget
GLenum verticalWrappingFunction
- Properties inherited from CC3Identifiable
NSObject *sharedUserData __deprecated
NSString * name
NSString * nameSuffix
GLint podIndex
BOOL shouldIncludeInDeepCopy
GLuint tag
NSObject * userData
- Properties inherited from <CC3Cacheable>
NSString * name

Additional Inherited Members

- Instance Methods inherited from CC3Texture
(CCTexture *) - __deprecated
(NSString *) - constructorDescription
(void) - drawWithVisitor:
(void) - generateMipmap
(id) - initCubeColoredForAxes
(id) - initCubeFromFilePattern:
(id) - initCubeFromFilesPosX:negX:posY:negY:posZ:negZ:
(id) - initCubeWithPixelFormat:andPixelType:
(id) - initCubeWithPixelFormat:withPixelType:
(id) - initCubeWithSideLength:withPixelFormat:withPixelType:
(id) - initCubeWithSize:andPixelFormat:andPixelType:
(id) - initFromFile:
(id) - initWithCCTexture:
(id) - initWithCGImage:
(id) - initWithPixelFormat:andPixelType:
(id) - initWithPixelFormat:withPixelType:
(id) - initWithSize:andPixelFormat:andPixelType:
(id) - initWithSize:withColor:
(id) - initWithSize:withPixelFormat:withPixelType:
(void) - remove
(void) - replacePixels:inTarget:withContent:
(void) - resizeTo:
- Class Methods inherited from CC3Texture
(void) + addTexture:
(NSString *) + cachedTexturesDescription
(BOOL) + defaultShouldFlipHorizontallyOnLoad
(BOOL) + defaultShouldFlipVerticallyOnLoad
(ccTexParams) + defaultTextureParameters
(CC3Texture *) + getTextureNamed:
(BOOL) + isPreloading
(void) + removeAllTextures
(void) + removeTexture:
(void) + removeTextureNamed:
(void) + setDefaultShouldFlipHorizontallyOnLoad:
(void) + setDefaultShouldFlipVerticallyOnLoad:
(void) + setDefaultTextureParameters:
(void) + setIsPreloading:
(void) + setShouldCacheAssociatedCCTextures:
(void) + setShouldGenerateMipmaps:
(BOOL) + shouldCacheAssociatedCCTextures
(BOOL) + shouldGenerateMipmaps
(id) + textureCubeColoredForAxes
(id) + textureCubeFromFilePattern:
(id) + textureCubeFromFilesPosX:negX:posY:negY:posZ:negZ:
(id) + textureCubeWithPixelFormat:andPixelType:
(id) + textureCubeWithPixelFormat:withPixelType:
(id) + textureCubeWithSideLength:withPixelFormat:withPixelType:
(id) + textureCubeWithSize:andPixelFormat:andPixelType:
(id) + textureFromFile:
(NSString *) + textureNameFromFilePath:
(id) + textureWithCCTexture:
(id) + textureWithCGImage:
(id) + textureWithPixelFormat:andPixelType:
(id) + textureWithPixelFormat:withPixelType:
(id) + textureWithSize:andPixelFormat:andPixelType:
(id) + textureWithSize:withColor:
(id) + textureWithSize:withPixelFormat:withPixelType:

Detailed Description

The representation of a PVR texture that has been loaded into the GL engine.

This class is used for all 2D and cube-map textures loaded from a PVR file type.

This class is part of a class-cluster under the parent CC3Texture class. Although you can invoke an instance creation method on this class directly, you will more commonly invoke them on the CC3Texture class instead. The creation and initialization methods will ensure that the correct subclass for the texture type, and in some cases, the texture file type, is created and returned. Because of this class-cluster structure, be aware that the class of the instance returned by an instance creation or initialization method may be different than the receiver of that method.

Property Documentation

- (BOOL) shouldFlipHorizontallyOnLoad

PVR textures cannot be flipped after loading.

This property is overridden so that changes are ignored, and to always return NO.

- (BOOL) shouldFlipVerticallyOnLoad

PVR textures cannot be flipped after loading.

This property is overridden so that changes are ignored, and to always return NO.

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