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CC3ProjectionMatrix Class Reference

#import <CC3ProjectionMatrix.h>

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- Instance Methods inherited from CC3Matrix
(CC3Vector- extractForwardDirection
(CC3Quaternion- extractQuaternion
(CC3Vector- extractRightDirection
(CC3Vector- extractRotation
(CC3Vector- extractTranslation
(CC3Vector- extractUpDirection
(id) - init
(BOOL) - invert
(BOOL) - invertAdjoint
(void) - invertRigid
(void) - leftMultiplyBy:
(void) - leftMultiplyByCC3Matrix3x3:
(void) - leftMultiplyByCC3Matrix4x3:
(void) - leftMultiplyByCC3Matrix4x4:
(void) - leftMultiplyIntoCC3Matrix3x3:
(void) - leftMultiplyIntoCC3Matrix4x3:
(void) - leftMultiplyIntoCC3Matrix4x4:
(void) - multiplyBy:
(void) - multiplyByCC3Matrix3x3:
(void) - multiplyByCC3Matrix4x3:
(void) - multiplyByCC3Matrix4x4:
(void) - multiplyIntoCC3Matrix3x3:
(void) - multiplyIntoCC3Matrix4x3:
(void) - multiplyIntoCC3Matrix4x4:
(void) - orthonormalizeRotationStartingWith:
(void) - populateCC3Matrix3x3:
(void) - populateCC3Matrix4x3:
(void) - populateCC3Matrix4x4:
(void) - populateFrom:
(void) - populateFromCC3Matrix3x3:
(void) - populateFromCC3Matrix4x3:
(void) - populateFromCC3Matrix4x4:
(void) - populateFromFrustumLeft:andRight:andTop:andBottom:andNear:
(void) - populateFromFrustumLeft:andRight:andTop:andBottom:andNear:andFar:
(void) - populateFromQuaternion:
(void) - populateFromRotation:
(void) - populateFromScale:
(void) - populateFromTranslation:
(void) - populateIdentity
(void) - populateOrthoFromFrustumLeft:andRight:andTop:andBottom:andNear:
(void) - populateOrthoFromFrustumLeft:andRight:andTop:andBottom:andNear:andFar:
(void) - populateToLookAt:withEyeAt:withUp:
(void) - populateToPointTowards:withUp:
(void) - populateZero
(void) - rotateBy:
(void) - rotateByQuaternion:
(void) - scaleBy:
(CC3Vector- transformDirection:
(CC3Vector4- transformHomogeneousVector:
(CC3Vector- transformLocation:
(CC3Ray- transformRay:
(void) - translateBy:
(void) - transpose
- Class Methods inherited from CC3Matrix
(id) + matrix
(id) + matrixByMultiplying:by:
- Properties inherited from CC3Matrix
BOOL isDirty
BOOL isIdentity
BOOL isRigid

Detailed Description

CC3ProjectionMatrix is a 4x4 matrix that can represent many non-linear 3D transforms, including perspective projection and orthographic projection.

Although its primary intended use is to act as a projection matrix for the 3D camera (hence its name), as a full 4x4 matrix, a number of other non-linear transforms may be created with this class.

Internally, the dimensions of this matrix are four columns by four rows. Data is held in a CC3Matrix4x4 structure of 16 GLfloat elements in column-major order.

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