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CC3ReverseDirectionalRotator Class Reference

#import <CC3Rotator.h>

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- Instance Methods inherited from CC3MutableRotator
(id) - initOnRotationMatrix:
(void) - markRotationDirty
(void) - orthonormalize
(void) - rotateBy:
(void) - rotateByAngle:aroundAxis:
(void) - rotateByQuaternion:
- Class Methods inherited from CC3MutableRotator
(GLubyte) + autoOrthonormalizeCount
(id) + rotatorOnRotationMatrix:
(void) + setAutoOrthonormalizeCount:
- Properties inherited from CC3DirectionalRotator
CC3Vector sceneUpDirection __deprecated
CC3Vector worldUpDirection __deprecated
CC3Vector forwardDirection
BOOL isDirectional
CC3Vector referenceUpDirection
CC3Vector rightDirection
BOOL shouldReverseForwardDirection
CC3Vector upDirection

Detailed Description

Deprecated and functionality moved to CC3DirectionalRotator.

Use an instance of CC3DirectionalRotator and set the shouldReverseForwardDirection property to YES to duplicate the behaviour of this class.

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