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CC3ShaderSourceCodeCompilationStringCountVisitor Class Reference

#import <CC3Shaders.h>

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(void) - addSourceCompilationStringCount:
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(BOOL) - hasAlreadyVisited:


GLuint sourceCompilationStringCount

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(id) + visitor

Detailed Description

Visits an assembly of nested CC3ShaderSourceCode instances to determine the number of source code strings that will be submitted to the compiler, in order to compile the source code contained within the assembly of CC3ShaderSourceCode instances.

Method Documentation

- (void) addSourceCompilationStringCount: (GLuint)  sourceStringCount

Invoked by each CC3ShaderSourceCode instances that contains source code, to indicate the number source code strings are contained within that instance.

This visitor accumulates the total of all values submitted by invocations of this method, and makes that total accessible via the sourceCompilationStringCount property.

Property Documentation

- (GLuint) sourceCompilationStringCount

Returns the total number of source code strings that will be submitted to the compiler.

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