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CC3ShaderSourceCodeGroup Class Reference

#import <CC3Shaders.h>

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Instance Methods

(void) - addSubsection:
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(void) - accumulateSourceCompilationStringCountWithVisitor:
(void) - accumulateSourceCompilationStringsWithVisitor:
(void) - appendSourceCodeString:
(NSString *) - constructorDescription
(BOOL) - localizeLineNumberWithVisitor:
(void) - remove
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(void) - __deprecated
(id) - copy
(id) - copyAsClass:
(void) - copyUserDataFrom:
(id) - copyWithName:
(id) - copyWithName:asClass:
(id) - copyWithZone:withName:
(id) - copyWithZone:withName:asClass:
(BOOL) - deriveNameFrom:
(BOOL) - deriveNameFrom:usingSuffix:
(NSString *) - fullDescription
(id) - init
(id) - initAtIndex:fromPODResource:
(void) - initUserData
(id) - initWithName:
(id) - initWithTag:
(id) - initWithTag:withName:
(GLuint) - nextTag
(void) - populateFrom:

Additional Inherited Members

- Class Methods inherited from CC3ShaderSourceCode
(void) + addShaderSourceCode:
(CC3ShaderSourceCode *) + getShaderSourceCodeNamed:
(BOOL) + isPreloading
(NSString *) + loadedShaderSourceCodeDescription
(void) + removeAllShaderSourceCode
(void) + removeShaderSourceCode:
(void) + removeShaderSourceCodeNamed:
(void) + setIsPreloading:
(void) + setSourceCodeSubsectionClass:
(id) + shaderSourceCodeFromFile:
(NSString *) + shaderSourceCodeNameFromFilePath:
(id) + shaderSourceCodeWithName:fromSourceCodeString:
(Class) + sourceCodeSubsectionClass
- Properties inherited from CC3ShaderSourceCode
NSString * importableSourceCodeString
GLuint lineCount
NSString * sourceCodeString
GLuint sourceStringCount
NSArray * subsections
BOOL wasLoadedFromFile

Detailed Description

A member of the CC3ShaderSourceCode class cluster that contains instances of CC3ShaderSource class-cluster subclasses, assembled into a source code tree.

When source code is organized into files that contain references to other files using #import or #include statements, an instance of this class will contain instances of CC3ShaderSource class-cluster subclasses that each contain the source code for a segment of a file before, between, or after #import or #include statements, and other instances of CC3ShaderSource class-cluster subclasses that contain the source code of the imported files, all assembled into a nested structure.

Typically, within the nested structure of CC3ShaderSource subclass instances, an instance of this class represents a single source code file, either stand-alone, or imported by another file.

Method Documentation

- (void) addSubsection: (CC3ShaderSourceCode *)  shSrcCode

Adds the specified subsection of source code to the source code tree.

Depending on the class of the specified source code, it may contain a section of code before, between, or after an #import directive, or it may contain the source code from the file identified by an #import or #include directive.

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