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CC3VertexLocationsSphericalBoundingVolume Class Reference

#import <CC3VertexArrayMesh.h>

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- Instance Methods inherited from CC3NodeSphericalBoundingVolume
(BOOL) - doesIntersect:
(BOOL) - doesIntersectConvexHullOf:planes:from:
(BOOL) - doesIntersectLocation:
(BOOL) - doesIntersectRay:
(BOOL) - doesIntersectSphere:from:
(id) - initFromSphere:
(BOOL) - isInFrontOfPlane:
- Class Methods inherited from CC3NodeSphericalBoundingVolume
(id) + boundingVolumeFromSphere:
- Properties inherited from CC3NodeSphericalBoundingVolume
GLfloat globalRadius
CC3Sphere globalSphere
GLfloat radius
CC3Sphere sphere

Detailed Description


Functionality moved to parent CC3NodeSphericalBoundingVolume class.

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