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CC3WireframeLocalContentBoundingBoxNode Class Reference

#import <CC3UtilityMeshNodes.h>

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(void) - updateFromParentBoundingBox
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(ccColor4F) + localContentWireframeBoxColor
(void) + setLocalContentWireframeBoxColor:
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BOOL shouldAlwaysMeasureParentBoundingBox

Detailed Description

CC3WireframeLocalContentBoundingBoxNode is a CC3WireframeBoundingBoxNode that further specializes in drawing a bounding box around the local content of another node with local content.

A CC3WireframeLocalContentBoundingBoxNode is typically added as a child node to the node whose bounding box is to be displayed.

Since for almost all nodes, the local content generally does not change, the shouldAlwaysMeasureParentBoundingBox property is usually left at NO, to avoid unnecessary remeasuring of the bounding box of the local content of the parent node when we know it will not be changing. However, this property can be set to YES when adding a CC3WireframeLocalContentBoundingBoxNode to a node whose local content does change frequently.

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