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<CC3MortalParticleProtocol> Protocol Reference

#import <CC3ParticleSamples.h>

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CCTime lifeSpan
CCTime timeToLive

Detailed Description

CC3MortalParticleProtocol extends CC3ParticleProtocol to allow a particle to be configured with a finite life.

A particle that supports CC3MortalParticleProtocol has a finite life. and when that lifetime is finished, the particle will automatically expire itself by setting the isAlive property to NO.

This protocol can be used with both point and mesh particles.

Property Documentation

- (CCTime) lifeSpan

Indicates the overall life span of the particle.

This property should be set once during initialization, prior to emission.

- (CCTime) timeToLive

Indicates the remaining time the particle has to live.

This property is automatically decremented as the particle ages. Once this property reaches zero, the particle will automatically expire itself.

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