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<CC3NodeTransformListenerProtocol> Protocol Reference

#import <CC3NodeListeners.h>

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Detailed Description

This protocol defines the behaviour requirements for objects that wish to be notified whenever the transform of a node has changed.

This occurs when one of the transform properties (location, rotation & scale) of the node, or any of its structural ancestor nodes, has changed.

A transform listener can be registered with a node via the addTransformListener: method.

Each listener registered with a node will be sent the nodeWasTransformed: notification message when the globalTransformMatrix of this node is recalculated, or is set directly.

Method Documentation

- (void) nodeWasTransformed: (CC3Node *)  aNode

Callback method that will be invoked when the globalTransformMatrix of the specified node has changed.

Reimplemented in CC3Node.

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