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<CC3UniformlyFadingParticleProtocol> Protocol Reference

#import <CC3ParticleSamples.h>

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ccColor4F color4F
ccColor4F colorVelocity

Detailed Description

CC3UniformlyFadingParticleProtocol defines behaviour required for particles that can fade uniformly from one color to another, or one level of opacity to another.

Color can only be applied to individual particles if the emitter has been configured to contain vertex color content (kCC3VertexContentColor).

This protocol can be used with both point and mesh particles.

Property Documentation

- (ccColor4F) color4F

Indicates the current color of this particle.

- (ccColor4F) colorVelocity

Indicates the rate that this particle changes color.

The individual color component values indicate a rate of change per second in a value that has a range of zero to one. Any of the values may be negative to indicate that the value of that component is decrementing over time.

A common use-case for this property is to change the opacity of the particle over time. This can be accomplished by setting the red, green and blue components of this property to zero, with a non-zero alpha value. A negative alpha value indicates that the particle will fade away over time.

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