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CC3BitmapCharDef Struct Reference

#include <CC3BitmapLabelNode.h>

Public Attributes

unichar charCode
CGRect rect
short xAdvance
short xOffset
short yOffset

Detailed Description

Bitmap information for a single character.

Member Data Documentation

unichar CC3BitmapCharDef::charCode

The character unicode value.

CGRect CC3BitmapCharDef::rect

The rectangle within the texture in which the character appears.

short CC3BitmapCharDef::xAdvance

The number of pixels to move horizontally to position for the next character.

short CC3BitmapCharDef::xOffset

The number of pixels the image should be offset horizontally when drawing the image.

short CC3BitmapCharDef::yOffset

The number of pixels the image should be offset vertically when drawing the image.

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