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CC3CC2Extensions.h File Reference
#import "CC3OSExtensions.h"
#import "CC3ViewController.h"
#import "CCTextureCache.h"
#import "CC3EAGLView.h"
#import <GLKit/GLKMatrix4.h>
#import "CCNode_Private.h"
#import "CCDirector_Private.h"
#import "CCTexture_Private.h"


category  CCDirector(CC3)
category  CCDirector(NonIOS)
category  CCDirectorDisplayLink(CC3)
category  CCFileUtils(CC3)
category  CCGLView(CC3)
class  CCLayer
category  CCLayer(CC3)
category  CCNode(CC3)
category  CCNode(NonIOS)
protocol  <CCRenderCommand>
class  CCRenderer
protocol  <CCRGBAProtocol>
category  CCScheduler(CC3)
class  CCTouchDispatcher


#define CC3GLDraws()   ((GLuint)__ccNumberOfDraws)
#define CCC4BFromCCColorRef(ccRef)   [ccRef ccColor4b]
#define CCC4FFromCCColorRef(ccRef)   [ccRef ccColor4f]
#define CCColorRefFromCCC4B(c4b)   [CCColor colorWithCcColor4b: c4b]
#define CCColorRefFromCCC4F(c4f)   [CCColor colorWithCcColor4f: c4f]
#define CCOpacityFromGLfloat(glf)   ((CCOpacity)(glf))
#define CCOpacityFromGLubyte(glub)   ((CCOpacity)CCColorFloatFromByte(glub))
#define GLfloatFromCCOpacity(ccOp)   ((GLfloat)(ccOp))
#define GLubyteFromCCOpacity(ccOp)   CCColorByteFromFloat((GLfloat)(ccOp))
#define kCCOpacityFull   1.0


typedef CCColor * CCColorRef
typedef CGFloat CCOpacity




static CGSize CCNodeSizeFromViewSize (CGSize viewSize)
NSString * NSStringFromTouchType (uint tType)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define CC3GLDraws ( )    ((GLuint)__ccNumberOfDraws)

Add state caching aliases for compatiblity with 2.1 and above.

Draw calls per frame are tracked as of Cocos2D 2.x.

#define CCC4BFromCCColorRef (   ccRef)    [ccRef ccColor4b]

Convert CCColorRef (CCColor*) to ccColor4B in Cocos2D v3.

#define CCC4FFromCCColorRef (   ccRef)    [ccRef ccColor4f]

Convert CCColorRef (CCColor*) to ccColor4F in Cocos2D v3.

#define CCColorRefFromCCC4B (   c4b)    [CCColor colorWithCcColor4b: c4b]

Convert ccColor4B to CCColorRef (CCColor*) in Cocos2D v3.

#define CCColorRefFromCCC4F (   c4f)    [CCColor colorWithCcColor4f: c4f]

Convert ccColor4F to CCColorRef (CCColor*) in Cocos2D v3.

#define CCOpacityFromGLfloat (   glf)    ((CCOpacity)(glf))

Convert GLfloat to CCOpacity (CGFloat) in Cocos2D v3.

#define CCOpacityFromGLubyte (   glub)    ((CCOpacity)CCColorFloatFromByte(glub))

Convert GLubyte to CCOpacity (CGFloat) in Cocos2D v3.

#define GLfloatFromCCOpacity (   ccOp)    ((GLfloat)(ccOp))

Convert CCOpacity (CGFloat) to GLfloat in Cocos2D v3.

#define GLubyteFromCCOpacity (   ccOp)    CCColorByteFromFloat((GLfloat)(ccOp))

Convert CCOpacity (CGFloat) to GLubyte in Cocos2D v3.

#define kCCOpacityFull   1.0

Maximum opacity value (CGFloat 1.0) in Cocos2D v3.

Typedef Documentation

typedef CCColor* CCColorRef

In Cocos2D v3 and above, color is defined as an instance of the CCColor class.

typedef CGFloat CCOpacity

In Cocos2D v3 and above, opacity is defined as a CGFloat value between 0.0 and 1.0.

Enumeration Type Documentation

anonymous enum

Extend the iOS version enumerations for Cocos2D 1.0.1.

Function Documentation

static CGSize CCNodeSizeFromViewSize ( CGSize  viewSize)

Returns the size of a CCNode that will cover the specified view size, taking into consideration whether the view is a Retina view.

NSString* NSStringFromTouchType ( uint  tType)

Returns the name of the specified touch type.