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CCDirector(CC3) Category Reference

#import <CC3CC2Extensions.h>

Instance Methods

(UIDeviceOrientation) - deviceOrientation
(CCTime) - frameInterval
(CCTime) - frameRate
(BOOL) - hasScene


CCGLView * ccGLView
NSTimeInterval displayLinkTime

Detailed Description

Extension category to support Cocos3D functionality.

Method Documentation

- (UIDeviceOrientation) deviceOrientation

Adds support above Cocos2D 1.x for legacy code that looks for device orientation under Cocos2D 1.x.

Always returns UIDeviceOrientationPortrait.

- (CCTime) frameInterval

Returns the time interval in seconds between the current render frame and the previous frame.

- (CCTime) frameRate

Returns the current rendering perfromance in average frames per second.

- (BOOL) hasScene

Returns whether this director has a CCScene either running or queued up.

Property Documentation

- (CCGLView*) ccGLView

The OpenGL ES view, cast as the correct class.

- (NSTimeInterval) displayLinkTime

Returns the timestamp of this director as derived from the display link that provide animation.

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