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NSObject(CC3) Category Reference

#import <CC3OSExtensions.h>

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Instance Methods

(id) - __deprecated
(id) - autoreleasedCopy
- Instance Methods inherited from <CC3Object>
(id) - asWeakReference
(NSString *) - fullDescription
(id) - resolveWeakReference


BOOL isNull

Detailed Description

Extension category to support Cocos3D functionality.

Method Documentation

- (id) __deprecated
Renamed to autoreleasedCopy to satisfy naming paradigm for copy... methods.
- (id) autoreleasedCopy

Returns an autoreleased copy of this object.

This is a convenience method that simply invokes [[self copy] autorelease].

Property Documentation

- (BOOL) isNull

Returns whether this object represents the standard null object retrieved from [NSNull null].

Returns NO. The NSNull subclass returns YES.

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