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CC3BitmapFontConfiguration Class Reference

#import <CC3BitmapLabelNode.h>

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Instance Methods

(CC3BitmapCharDef *) - characterSpecFor:
(id) - initFromFontFile:
(NSInteger) - kerningBetween:and:

Class Methods

(void) + clearFontConfigurations
(id) + configurationFromFontFile:


NSString * atlasName
NSUInteger baseline
NSInteger commonHeight
GLfloat fontSize
CC3BitmapFontPadding padding
CGSize textureSize

Detailed Description

Extends CC3BitmapFontConfiguration to support Cocos3D functionality.

Method Documentation

- (CC3BitmapCharDef*) characterSpecFor: (unichar)  c

Returns a pointer to the specification of the specified character.

+ (void) clearFontConfigurations

Clears all cached font configurations to conserve memory.

+ (id) configurationFromFontFile: (NSString *)  fontFile

Allocates and initializes an autoreleased instance from the specified bitmap font definition file.

This implementation maintains a cache so that each file is only loaded once.

- (id) initFromFontFile: (NSString *)  fontFile

Initializes this instance from the specified bitmap font definition file.

- (NSInteger) kerningBetween: (unichar)  firstChar
and: (unichar)  secondChar 

Returns the amount of kerning required when the specified second character follows the first character in a line of text.

Property Documentation

- (NSString*) atlasName

The name of the font atlas texture.

- (NSUInteger) baseline

Returns the character baseline.

- (NSInteger) commonHeight

Returns the height of the characters in pixels in the texture atlas.

- (GLfloat) fontSize

Returns the nominal font size.

- (CC3BitmapFontPadding) padding

Returns the padding for the font.

- (CGSize) textureSize

Returns the size of the texture in pixels.

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