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CC3CommonVertexArrayParticleEmitter Class Reference

#import <CC3Particles.h>

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- Instance Methods inherited from CC3ParticleEmitter
(id< CC3ParticleProtocol >) - acquireParticle
(id< CC3ParticleProtocol >) - emitParticle
(BOOL) - emitParticle:
(GLuint) - emitParticles:
(void) - initializeParticle:
(id< CC3ParticleProtocol >) - makeParticle
(id< CC3ParticleProtocol >) - particleAt:
(id< CC3ParticleProtocol >) - particleWithFaceAt:
(id< CC3ParticleProtocol >) - particleWithVertexAt:
(id< CC3ParticleProtocol >) - particleWithVertexIndexAt:
(void) - pause
(void) - play
(void) - removeAllParticles
(void) - removeParticle:
(void) - stop
- Class Methods inherited from CC3LocalContentNode
(ccColor4F) + localContentWireframeBoxColor
(void) + setLocalContentWireframeBoxColor:
- Properties inherited from CC3ParticleEmitter
GLuint currentParticleCapacity
CCTime elapsedTime
CCTime emissionDuration
CCTime emissionInterval
GLfloat emissionRate
BOOL isActive
BOOL isEmitting
BOOL isFinished
BOOL isFull
GLuint maximumParticleCapacity
GLuint particleCapacityExpansionIncrement
Class particleClass
GLuint particleCount
NSArray * particles
BOOL shouldRemoveOnFinish
BOOL shouldUpdateParticlesAfterTransform
BOOL shouldUpdateParticlesBeforeTransform

Detailed Description

A CC3CommonVertexArrayParticleEmitter maintains the vertices of all particles in common vertex arrays.

This class forms the basis of both point particle emitters and mesh particle emitters.

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