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CC3LocalContentNodeEvaluator Class Reference

#import <CC3NodeSequencer.h>

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(BOOL) - evaluateLocalContentNode:
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(BOOL) - evaluate:
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(id) + evaluator

Detailed Description

A type of CC3NodeEvaluator that specializes in evaluating only CC3Nodes with local content.

The evalute: method checks the hasLocalContent property of the node. If the node does not have local content, the evaluate: method returns NO indicating that the evaluation failed.

If the node does have local content, the node is cast to an instance of CC3LocalContentNode and passed to the evaluateLocalContentNode: for further evaluation.

Method Documentation

- (BOOL) evaluateLocalContentNode: (CC3LocalContentNode *)  lcNode

Performs the evaluation defined by this class on the specified node, which must be a type of CC3LocalContentNode, and returns YES if the node is accepted, or NO if it is rejected.

This default implementation simply returns NO, meaning that all CC3LocalContentNodes will be rejected. Since all other nodes have also been rejected by the evaluate: method prior to invoking this method, the effect of this class is to reject all nodes.

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