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CC3NodeBoundingArea Class Reference

#import <CC3BoundingVolumes.h>

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Instance Methods

(BOOL) - doesIntersectBounds:
- Instance Methods inherited from CC3NodeBoundingVolume
(CCColorRef- displayNodeColor
(CCOpacity- displayNodeOpacity
(BOOL) - doesIntersectFrustum:
(CC3Vector- locationOfRayIntesection:
(void) - markTransformDirty
(void) - scaleBy:
- Instance Methods inherited from CC3BoundingVolume
(BOOL) - doesIntersect:
(BOOL) - doesIntersectConvexHullOf:planes:
(BOOL) - doesIntersectConvexHullOf:planes:from:
(BOOL) - doesIntersectLocation:
(BOOL) - doesIntersectRay:
(BOOL) - doesIntersectSphere:
(BOOL) - doesIntersectSphere:from:
(NSString *) - fullDescription
(CC3Vector- globalLocationOfGlobalRayIntesection:
(BOOL) - isInFrontOfPlane:
(void) - markDirty
(void) - populateFrom:

Additional Inherited Members

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(id) + boundingVolume
- Properties inherited from CC3NodeBoundingVolume
CC3Vector centerOfGeometry
CC3Vector globalCenterOfGeometry
BOOL isTransformDirty
BOOL shouldBuildFromMesh
BOOL shouldDraw
BOOL shouldMaximize

Detailed Description

A bounding volume that defines a 2D bounding area for a node, and checks that bounding area against a given 2D bounding box, which is typically the bounding box of the CC3Layer.

This is useful for, and only applicable to, nodes that draw 2D content as overlays, such as CC3Billboards, when they are drawn as overlays.

Method Documentation

- (BOOL) doesIntersectBounds: (CGRect)  bounds

Returns whether this bounding volume intersects the specfied bounding rectangle.

This default implementation always returns YES. Subclasses will override appropriately.

This method is invoked automatically by nodes with 2D content, when the node is being drawn as a 2D overlay, to determine whether or not it should be drawn.

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