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CC3NodeDescriptor Class Reference

#import <CC3Billboard.h>

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- Instance Methods inherited from CC3Billboard
(void) - addShadowVolumesForLight:
(void) - alignToCamera:
(BOOL) - doesIntersectBounds:
(void) - draw2dWithinBounds:withRenderer:withVisitor:
(id) - initWithBillboard:
(id) - initWithName:withBillboard:
(id) - initWithTag:withName:withBillboard:
(void) - populateAsBoundingRectangle
(void) - resetBillboardBoundingRect
- Class Methods inherited from CC3Billboard
(GLfloat) + deviceScaleFactor
(id) + nodeWithBillboard:
(id) + nodeWithName:withBillboard:
- Properties inherited from CC3Billboard
CCNode * billboard
CGRect billboardBoundingRect
BOOL isBillboard
CGPoint maximumBillboardScale
CGPoint minimumBillboardScale
CGPoint offsetPosition
BOOL shouldAlwaysMeasureBillboardBoundingRect
BOOL shouldDrawAs2DOverlay
BOOL shouldMaximizeBillboardBoundingRect
BOOL shouldNormalizeScaleToDevice
BOOL shouldUpdateUnseenBillboard
GLuint textureUnitIndex
GLfloat unityScaleDistance

Detailed Description

CC3NodeDescriptor is a type of CC3Billboard specialized for attaching a descriptive text label to another node.

A CC3NodeDescriptor is typically added as a child node to the node whose description is to be displayed.

Since we don't want to add descriptor labels or wireframe boxes to descriptor nodes, the shouldDrawDescriptor, shouldDrawWireframeBox, and shouldDrawLocalContentWireframeBox properties are overridden to do nothing when set, and to always return YES.

Similarly, CC3NodeDescriptor node does not participate in calculating the bounding box of the node whose bounding box it is drawing, since, as a child of that node, it would interfere with accurate measurement of the bounding box.

The shouldIncludeInDeepCopy property returns NO, so that the CC3NodeDescriptor will not be copied when the parent node is copied. A descriptor node for the copy will be created automatically when the shouldDrawDescriptor property is copied, if it was set to YES on the original node that is copied.

A CC3NodeDescriptor will continue to be visible even when its ancestor nodes are invisible, unless the CC3NodeDescriptor itself is made invisible.

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