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CC3PVRTextureContent Class Reference

#import <CC3PVRTexture.h>

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Instance Methods

(id) - initFromFile:


BOOL hasMipmap
BOOL hasPremultipliedAlpha
BOOL isTexture2D
BOOL isTextureCube
GLenum pixelFormat
GLenum pixelType
CC3IntSize size
GLuint textureID

Detailed Description

A helper class used by the CC3PVRTexture class cluster during the loading of a texture from a PVR file using the PowerVR library.

Method Documentation

- (id) initFromFile: (NSString *)  filePath

Initializes this instance by loaded content from the specified PVR file.

The specified file path may be either an absolute path, or a path relative to the application resource directory. If the file is located directly in the application resources directory, the specified file path can simply be the name of the file.

Returns nil if the file could not be loaded.

Property Documentation

- (BOOL) hasMipmap

Returns whether this texture contains a mipmap.

- (BOOL) hasPremultipliedAlpha

Returns whether the alpha channel of this texture has already been multiplied into each of the RGB color channels.

- (BOOL) isTexture2D

Returns whether this texture is a standard two-dimentional texture.

- (BOOL) isTextureCube

Returns whether this texture is a six-sided cube-map texture.

- (GLenum) pixelFormat

Returns the pixel format of the texture.

See the pixelFormat property of CC3Texture for the range of possible values.

- (GLenum) pixelType

Returns the pixel data type.

Possible values depend on the value of the pixelFormat property. See the pixelType property of CC3Texture for the range of possible values.

- (CC3IntSize) size

The size of this texture in pixels.

- (GLuint) textureID

The texture ID used to identify this texture to the GL engine.

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