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CC3ScalableMeshParticle Class Reference

#import <CC3MeshParticles.h>

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BOOL isTransformRigid
BOOL isUniformlyScaledLocally
CC3Vector scale
GLfloat uniformScale
- Properties inherited from CC3MeshParticle
CC3Vector forwardDirection
BOOL hasVertexColors
BOOL hasVertexLocations
BOOL hasVertexNormals
BOOL hasVertexTextureCoordinates
BOOL isColorDirty
BOOL isTransformDirty
CC3Vector location
CC3Quaternion quaternion
CC3Vector referenceUpDirection
CC3Vector rightDirection
CC3Vector rotation
GLfloat rotationAngle
CC3Vector rotationAxis
CGRect textureRectangle
CC3Vector upDirection
- Properties inherited from CC3ParticleBase
CCColorRef color
ccColor4B color4B
ccColor4F color4F
CC3Vector globalLocation
BOOL hasColor
CC3Vector location
CCOpacity opacity
- Properties inherited from <CC3MeshParticleProtocol>
GLuint firstVertexIndexOffset
GLuint firstVertexOffset
- Properties inherited from <CC3CommonVertexArrayParticleProtocol>
BOOL hasVertexIndices
GLuint vertexCount
GLuint vertexIndexCount
NSRange vertexIndexRange
NSRange vertexRange

Additional Inherited Members

- Instance Methods inherited from CC3MeshParticle
(void) - markColorDirty
(void) - markTransformDirty
(void) - rotateBy:
(void) - rotateByAngle:aroundAxis:
(void) - rotateByQuaternion:
(void) - setTextureRectangle:forTextureUnit:
(void) - setVertexColor4B:at:
(void) - setVertexColor4F:at:
(void) - setVertexHomogeneousLocation:at:
(void) - setVertexIndex:at:
(void) - setVertexLocation:at:
(void) - setVertexNormal:at:
(void) - setVertexTexCoord2F:at:
(void) - setVertexTexCoord2F:forTextureUnit:at:
(void) - transformVertexColors
(void) - transformVertices
(void) - translateBy:
(ccColor4B) - vertexColor4BAt:
(ccColor4F) - vertexColor4FAt:
(CC3Vector4- vertexHomogeneousLocationAt:
(GLuint) - vertexIndexAt:
(CC3Vector- vertexLocationAt:
(CC3Vector- vertexNormalAt:
(ccTex2F) - vertexTexCoord2FAt:
(ccTex2F) - vertexTexCoord2FForTextureUnit:at:
- Class Methods inherited from CC3ParticleBase
(id) + particle

Detailed Description

CC3ScalableMeshParticle is a type of CC3MeshParticle that can be scaled.

This clas is distinct from CC3MeshParticle so that mesh particle that do not require scaling do not have to carry storage for scaling information.

Property Documentation

- (BOOL) isTransformRigid

Returns whether the current transform applied to this particle is rigid.

A rigid transform contains only rotation and translation transformations and does not include any scaling transformation. For the transform to be rigid, this particle must have unity scaling.

- (BOOL) isUniformlyScaledLocally

Indicates whether current local scaling (via the scale property) is uniform along all axes.

- (CC3Vector) scale

The scale of the particle in each dimension, relative to the emitter.

Unless non-uniform scaling is needed, it is recommended that you use the uniformScale property instead.

- (GLfloat) uniformScale

The scale of the particle, uniform in each dimension, relative to the emitter.

Unless non-uniform scaling is needed, it is recommended that you use this property instead of the scale property.

If non-uniform scaling is applied via the scale property, this uniformScale property will return the length of the scale property vector divided by the length of a unit cube (sqrt(3.0)), as an approximation of the overall scaling condensed to a single scalar value.

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