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CC3ShaderSourceCodeCompilationStringVisitor Class Reference

#import <CC3Shaders.h>

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Instance Methods

(void) - addSourceCompilationString:
(id) - initWithCompilationStrings:
- Instance Methods inherited from CC3ShaderSourceCodeCompilationStringCountVisitor
(void) - addSourceCompilationStringCount:
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(BOOL) - hasAlreadyVisited:

Class Methods

(id) + visitorWithCompilationStrings:


const GLchar ** sourceCompilationStrings
- Properties inherited from CC3ShaderSourceCodeCompilationStringCountVisitor
GLuint sourceCompilationStringCount

Detailed Description

Visits an assembly of nested CC3ShaderSourceCode instances to populate an array of source code strings to be submitted to the compiler, in order to compile the source code contained within the assembly of CC3ShaderSourceCode instances.

The source code strings are accumulated in the sourceCompilationStrings array property, and the number of strings added to that array is contained within the sourceCompilationStringCount superclass property.

Method Documentation

- (void) addSourceCompilationString: (const GLchar *)  sourceCompilationString

Adds the specified source code string to the array in the sourceCompilationStrings property, and increments the value of the sourceCompilationStringCount property.

- (id) initWithCompilationStrings: (const GLchar **)  sourceCompilationStrings

Initializes this instance to populate the specified compilation strings.

+ (id) visitorWithCompilationStrings: (const GLchar **)  sourceCompilationStrings

Allocates and initializes an instance that populates the specified compilation strings.

Property Documentation

- (const GLchar**) sourceCompilationStrings

Returns the pointer to the array of source code strings that is populated by this visitor.

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