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CC3ShadowCastingVolume Class Reference

#import <CC3Light.h>

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(BOOL) - doesIntersect:
(BOOL) - doesIntersectConvexHullOf:planes:
(BOOL) - doesIntersectConvexHullOf:planes:from:
(BOOL) - doesIntersectLocation:
(BOOL) - doesIntersectRay:
(BOOL) - doesIntersectSphere:
(BOOL) - doesIntersectSphere:from:
(NSString *) - fullDescription
(CC3Vector- globalLocationOfGlobalRayIntesection:
(BOOL) - isInFrontOfPlane:
(void) - markDirty
(void) - populateFrom:
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(void) - nodeWasTransformed:
- Class Methods inherited from CC3BoundingVolume
(id) + boundingVolume
- Properties inherited from CC3LightCameraBridgeVolume
GLuint vertexCount

Detailed Description

A bounding volume that encloses a volume that includes the camera frustum plus the space between the camera frustum and a light.

Nodes that intersect this volume will cast a shadow from that light into the frustum, and that shadow will be visible. Shadows cast by nodes outside this volume will not intersect the frustum and will not be visible. This volume is used to cull the updating and drawing of shadows, that will not be visible, to improve performance.

The number of planes in this bounding volume will be between six and eleven, depending on where the light is located. The number of vertices will be between five and nine.

The shadow casting volume is a type of bounding volume and therefore supports methods for testing whether locations, rays, shapes, and other bounding volumes intersect its volume.

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