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CC3ViewController Class Reference

#import <CC3ViewController.h>

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Instance Methods

(void) - pauseAnimation
(void) - resumeAnimation
(void) - startAnimation
(void) - stopAnimation


CCNode *controlledNode __deprecated
BOOL isOverlayingDeviceCamera __deprecated
CCGLView * view

Detailed Description

An instance of CC3ViewController manages the CCGLView to support the 3D environment.

Method Documentation

- (void) pauseAnimation

Reduces Cocos2D/3D animation to a minimum.

Invoke this method when you want to reliquish CPU to perform some other task, such as displaying other views or windows. To ensure a responsive UI, you should invoke this method just before displaying other view components, such as modal or popover controllers.

Use the resumeAnimation method to restore the original animation level.

- (void) resumeAnimation

Restores Cocos2D/3D animation to its original operating level, after having been temporarily reduced by a prior invocation of the pauseAnimation method.

- (void) startAnimation

Starts the Cocos2D/3D animation.

You should invoke this method when the application enters the foreground.

Use the stopAnimation method to stop the animation.

- (void) stopAnimation

Stops the Cocos2D/3D animation.

You should invoke this method when the application will enter the background.

Use the startAnimation method to start the animation again.

Property Documentation

- (CCNode* controlledNode) __deprecated
No longer used.
- (BOOL isOverlayingDeviceCamera) __deprecated
No longer used by base class. See the CC3DeviceCameraOverlayUIViewController subclass for an implementation of this property.
- (CCGLView*) view

The view of a CC3ViewController must be of type CCGLView.

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