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<CC3UniformlyGrowingPointParticleProtocol> Protocol Reference

#import <CC3PointParticleSamples.h>

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GLfloat size
GLfloat sizeVelocity

Detailed Description

CC3UniformlyGrowingPointParticleProtocol defines behaviour required for point particles whose size grows or shrinks at a steady rate.

Size can only be applied to individual particles if the emitter has been configured to contain vertex point size content (kCC3VertexContentPointSize).

This protocol can be used with point particles. Mesh particle do not have a point size.

Property Documentation

- (GLfloat) size

Indicates the current size of this point particle.

- (GLfloat) sizeVelocity

Indicates the rate at which this particle changes size.

If this particle has size content, the updateBeforeTransform: method multiplies this velocity by the interval since the previous update, and adds the result to the size of this particle.

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