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CC3MortalPointParticleEmitter Class Reference

#import <CC3PointParticleSamples.h>

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- Instance Methods inherited from CC3MortalPointParticleEmitterDeprecated
(void) - initializeMortalParticle:
- Class Methods inherited from CC3LocalContentNode
(ccColor4F) + localContentWireframeBoxColor
(void) + setLocalContentWireframeBoxColor:
- Properties inherited from CC3MortalPointParticleEmitterDeprecated
CCTime maxParticleLifeSpan
CCTime minParticleLifeSpan

Detailed Description

This functionality has been separated into several more general classes. Use a CC3PointParticleEmitter configured with a CC3RandomMortalParticleNavigator to emit particles that support the CC3MortalParticleProtocol, such as particles of type CC3MortalPointParticle.

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