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CC3NodeSequencerVisitor Class Reference

#import <CC3NodeSequencer.h>

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Instance Methods

(void) - addMisplacedNode:
(void) - clearMisplacedNodes
(id) - initWithScene:
(id) - initWithWorld:

Class Methods

(id) + visitorWithScene:
(id) + visitorWithWorld:


CC3Scene *world __deprecated
BOOL hasMisplacedNodes
NSArray * misplacedNodes

Detailed Description

This visitor is used to visit CC3NodeSequencers to perform operations on nodes within the sequencers.

The visitor maintains a reference to the CC3Scene, so that the sequencer may use aspects of the scene during operations.

This visitor can be used to visit CC3NodeSequencers to detect and keep track of nodes that are misplaced within the sequencer, using the updateSequenceWithVisitor: method on the sequencer.

What it means for a node to be "misplaced" is defined by the sequencer itself. A sequencer may determine that the node no longer meets the criteria of the sequencer's evaluator, or that the node is now out of order, relative to the sorting or grouping criteria defined by the sequencer.

A sequencer visitor can either be instantiated for a single visitation of a sequencer, or can be instantiated once and reused to visit different sequencers over and over. In doing so, you should invoke the reset method on the sequencer visitor prior to using it to visit a sequencer.

Method Documentation

- (void) addMisplacedNode: (CC3Node *)  aNode

Adds the specified node to the array of nodes held in the misplacedNodes property.

- (void) clearMisplacedNodes

Clears the misplacedNodes array.

- (id) initWithScene: (CC3Scene *)  aCC3Scene

Initializes this instance with the specified CC3Scene.

- (id) initWithWorld: (CC3Scene *)  __deprecated
Renamed to initWithScene:.
+ (id) visitorWithScene: (CC3Scene *)  aCC3Scene

Allocates and initializes an autoreleased instance with the specified CC3Scene.

+ (id) visitorWithWorld: (CC3Scene *)  __deprecated
Renamed to visitorWithScene:.

Property Documentation

- (CC3Scene* world) __deprecated
Renamed to scene.
- (BOOL) hasMisplacedNodes

Indicates whether the misplacedNodes property contains nodes.

- (NSArray*) misplacedNodes

Returns an array of nodes that the sequencer deems to be misplaced after being visited by this visitor.

The returned array may be nil.

- (CC3Scene*) scene

The CC3Scene instance.

The sequencer may use aspects of the scene when performing sequencing operations with a node.

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