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CC3SceneDrawingSurfaceManager Class Reference

#import <CC3RenderSurfaces.h>

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id< CC3RenderSurfacepickingSurface
id< CC3RenderSurfaceviewSurface
CC3IntPoint viewSurfaceOrigin
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CC3IntSize size

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(instancetype) + surfaceManager

Detailed Description

Manages the render surfaces that are tied to the size of a CC3Layer.

Each CC3Layer contains an instance of this class, and resizes that instance whenever the size of the CC3Layer is changed, which, in turn, resizes all managed surfaces.

Wraps the view surface and picking surface. The viewSurface represents a surface section on the primary on-screen view surface. The picking surface is a (typically) off-screen surface used to render the CC3Scene for node picking.

You can add additional surfaces that should be tied to the size of the CC3Layer. Typically, this may include any post-processing surfaces used to render effects within the CC3Layer. If doing so, you should consider subclassing this class in order to provide convenient property access to the additional surfaces added to your customized CC3Layer's surface manager.

Property Documentation

- (id<CC3RenderSurface>) pickingSurface

Returns the surface to which rendering for picking should be directed.

If not set directly, this property will be lazily initialized to an off-screen surface with the same size and color format as the surface in the viewSurface property, and with a new non-multisampling and non-stencilling depth buffer.

- (id<CC3RenderSurface>) viewSurface

Returns the surface to which on-screen rendering to the view should be directed.

This surface represents a section on the primary on-screen view surface retrieved from CC3ViewSurfaceManager.sharedViewSurfaceManager.renderingSurface. The bounds of this surface section are determined by the viewSurfaceOrigin and size properties of this instance.

- (CC3IntPoint) viewSurfaceOrigin

The origin of the view surface for the CC3Layer, relative to the OS view.

Changing the value of this property changes the value returned by the viewport property, of the surface in the viewSurface property, which causes rendering to occur only within the section of the OS view surface defined by the viewport property.

The initial value of this property is zero.

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