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CC3UniformMotionParticle Class Reference

#import <CC3PointParticleSamples.h>

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- Instance Methods inherited from CC3SprayPointParticle
(void) - updateBeforeTransform:
- Class Methods inherited from CC3PointParticle
(id) + particleFromEmitter:
- Properties inherited from CC3PointParticle
GLuint index __deprecated
BOOL hasNormal
BOOL hasSize
CC3Vector normal
GLfloat size
- Properties inherited from <CC3MortalParticleProtocol>
CCTime lifeSpan
CCTime timeToLive
- Properties inherited from <CC3UniformlyMovingParticleProtocol>
CC3Vector location
CC3Vector velocity

Detailed Description

Deprecated and renamed to CC3SprayPointParticle.

Renamed to CC3SprayPointParticle to clarify its type.

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