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CC3PFXEffect Class Reference

#import <CC3PFXResource.h>

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Instance Methods

(id) - initFromSPVRTPFXParserEffect:fromPFXParser:inPFXResource:
(void) - populateMaterial:
(void) - populateMeshNode:


NSString * name
NSArray * textures
NSArray * variables

Detailed Description

CC3PFXEffect represents a single effect within a PFX resource file.

It combines the shader code referenced by the effect into a CC3ShaderProgram, and the textures to apply to the material.

Method Documentation

- (id) initFromSPVRTPFXParserEffect: (PFXClassPtr pSPVRTPFXParserEffect
fromPFXParser: (PFXClassPtr pCPVRTPFXParser
inPFXResource: (CC3PFXResource *)  pfxRez 

Initializes this instance from the specified SPVRTPFXParserEffect C++ class, retrieved from the specified CPVRTPFXParser C++ class as loaded from the specfied PFX resource.

- (void) populateMaterial: (CC3Material *)  material

Populates the specfied material with the textures in this effect.

- (void) populateMeshNode: (CC3MeshNode *)  meshNode

Populates the specfied mesh node with the shader program in this effect.

Property Documentation

- (NSString*) name

Returns the name of this effect.

- (CC3ShaderProgram*) shaderProgram

The shader program used to render this effect.

- (NSArray*) textures

The textures used in this effect.

Each element of this array is an instance of CC3PFXEffectTexture that contains the texture and the index of the texture unit to which the texture should be applied.

- (NSArray*) variables

This array contains a configuration spec for each attribute and uniform variable used in the shaders.

Each element of this array is an instance of CC3PFXGLSLVariableConfiguration.

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